Generate QR Code with Logo or Image in Python

In this Python tutorial we learn how to generate a QR code with a logo image inside using qrcode package.

Install qrcode package

Installing the QR code generator package using the following command which will include pillow package for generating image.

pip install qrcode[pil]

Generate QR Code with Logo Inside in Python

The following Python program to show you how to insert a logo image into a QR code during generating the QR code.

For example, we have a logo image file named sample_logo.png as below.

Sample Logo

import qrcode
from PIL import Image

logo_file_name = 'sample_logo.png'
data_to_encode = ""

qr_code = qrcode.QRCode(

# qr code image
qr_code_image = qr_code.make_image().convert('RGB')

# logo image 
logo =

# populate the position of the logo to center of QR code
logo_x_position = (qr_code_image.size[0] - logo.size[0]) // 2
logo_y_position = (qr_code_image.size[1] - logo.size[1]) // 2
logo_position = (logo_x_position, logo_y_position)

# insert logo image into qr code image
qr_code_image.paste(logo, logo_position)

# save QR code image'toricode_qr.png')

print('QR code with logo successful generated as toricode_qr.png')
The output as below.
QR code with logo successful generated as toricode_qr.png

After execute the program above it will generate QR code image named toricode_qr.png as below.

Tori Code QR

Happy Coding 😊