Read and Decode QR Code Image in Python

This Python OpenCV tutorial to show how to using opencv-python package to read and decode the data of a QR code image in Python.

Install OpenCV package

Installing the opencv-python package using the following command.

pip install opencv-python

How to decode QR code image in Python

For example, we have a QR code image named qrcode.png as below.


QR Code

The following Python program to read the QR code image and decode the data from the QR code.

import cv2

qrcode_filename = 'qrcode.png'

qrcode_image = cv2.imread(qrcode_filename)
qrCodeDetector = cv2.QRCodeDetector()
data, bbox, straight_qrcode = qrCodeDetector.detectAndDecode(qrcode_image)

print('Data decoded from QR code:')
The program output.
Data decoded from QR code:

Happy Coding 😊